About Us


We have founded since 2004 from cooperation of the expertises who have the experiences more than 20 years in part of DESIGN ENGINEERING and SENIOR CHEMIST. Our company group has intended to form the company for the main business about the Chemical Products for the Construction Work such as FIRE PROOFING, INSULATION CERAMIC COATING and CONCRETE FLOORING PRODUCTS. Our Products are emphasized on highly quallity development and be used by the principle. We promote for our customers can select truely to use and this will lead to get the highly benefits for whom using our quality products.


We will give you the best valuable service for your decision to select us.


1.To select using the high quality product, use by the principle, to protect the environment for our valued customers with highly satisfaction and highly benefits. 2.To have a campaign and publicise the knowledges the quality products for construction work. 3.To build the organization for sustainable growth, to promote our employees with happiness working including highly fringe benefits for them and our business partners.